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Sportfresh™ Peppermint

Refresh your sports equipment with our Peppermint variant. Guaranteed to be cool and confident during any sporting activity.

Sportfresh™ Cotton fresh

Our cotton fresh variant gives a wonderful scent to all your sports equipment. The familiar smell of freshly washed sheets that lingers for days.

Private label

Your brand name, our probiotic quality formula. Offer your customers sustainable solutions against sweat odor under your own label.

When to you use SportFresh™


Leg protectors, shoes and goalkeeper gloves become odor-free again.


Your running shoes will smell wonderfully fresh again after treatment.


Skates also become wonderfully fresh again after they have been injected with SportFresh™.


Spray your hockey skates and protective equipment and you will no longer be bothered by odors.


Boots and helmets smell wonderfully fresh again after treatment.

Boxing - MMA

No more smelly boxing gloves or MMA gear.

Ski gear

Helmets, boots and gloves remain smelling fresh despite intensive use.


Leg protectors, shoes, helmets and gloves become odor-free again.

Solves the annoying smell of sweat naturally

SportFresh™ is a unique and very effective spray that naturally tackles unpleasant odors at the source and leaves your sports equipment smelling wonderfully fresh again. If you suffer from smelly sports equipment, SportFresh™ is the most effective method to deal with this and leave a wonderful mint scent or CottonFresh scent.