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Where to buy

SportFresh™ can be bought in several online stores in Europe. SportFresh™ is also available in a number of Intersport stores in the Netherlands.
We are continuously looking for new stores and online shops to have SportFresh™ available for you. If you know a shop, please let us know. If you own a shop and are interested in selling SportFresh™, please contact us.


SportFresh Women & MenSportFresh™ is a unique and very effective spray to get rid of bad smells in your sporting gear. SportFresh™ does this in a natural way. It uses good bacteria to get rid of the bacteria that produce the bad smell on your sporting gear. It takes on bad bacteria at the source so your sporting gear will start to smell fresh again.
SportFresh™ comes in two variations: Mint and CottonFresh.

How does it work

SportFresh™ removes the bad smell without using perfume or heavy chemicals. SportFresh™ uses the power of nature itself and does not only mask the bad smell. This is done by using bacteria (probiotics), which take on the problem at the source. This way bad bacteria do not have a change to accumulate.


Spray your materials lightly after every sport activity to get the best results. When there is an old and strong smell on your sports gear, several treatments may be necessary to solve the problem.


Leg protectors, shoes en goalkeeper gloves become odor-free again.


Your running shoes smell like never before after a spray of SportFresh™.

(Inline) Skating

Skates smell fresh again after a spray of SportFresh™.


Spray your skates and gear and the bad smell will go away like snow for the sun.

Horseback riding

Boots and helmets will smell fresh again after treatment.

Boxing/ Kickboxing/ MMA

Never again smelling boxing gloves.

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